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 • 600 Chords
 • Dry (not effected)
 • Royalty-free
 • 148 MB


 • One-Shot Samples
 • WAV (mono)
 • 16-bit
 • 44.1 kHz


 • €19.00

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600 classic Chicago and Detroit House piano chords: Play classic house chords with just one finger!

Did you know that many famous house producers just sampled chords from other tracks to play their own "1-finger-melodies" with it?

What would Inner City be without Nitro Deluxe? The Outlander and SL2 without Landlord? The whole house scene without the piano chords from Marshall Jefferson?

Only sampled you'll get that raw and authentic sound.

The chords were sampled from 100 different acoustic and electronic pianos including classics like Korg M1, Yamaha DX7, Roland D50, ...

Every piano has been sampled in 6 chord versions.

The demosong is slighty effected, you'll get dry instruments of course.
The buyer receives a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the sounds. The copyright remains with Wildfunk. The sounds may only be used by the buyer. A transfer, lease, rental or sale is prohibited. All sounds may only be used within a musical context. This includes own songs, remixes, jingles etc. where the sounds are included within an arrangement. It's not allowed to use the sounds individually ("freestanding") or to use them as a basis for a sound collection, even if the sounds were changed. The melodies of the demo songs are copyrighted and may not be used. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners. All customers from Germany and countries outside the EU are purchasing a digital good and will receive a download link right after their purchase. Customers from countries inside the EU (except Germany) are purchasing a physical good (a burned cd-rom with the samples, shipped via mail to their specified post address at PayPal). As an extra they will receive an additional download link (only for backup reasons) to the files directly after the purchase. This new handling is necessary to get along with the new 2015 EU VAT rule.
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